Your One Stop
Semiconductor Equipment
& Material Supplier.

Estek Automation is an innovative Vision and handling system provider. We are a group of top professionals who have taken the Vision Inspection Technology to the next level.

Our own software and technology enable us to perform extremely precise and durable vision inspection for almost any material quickly and cost-effectively.

Effective Solutions,
Quality Products

Always provide reliable and sustainable services. That is our pledge to our customer.

We offer comprehensive solutions for product traceability that are easy to use. Our solutions can replace traditional manual methods of inspection, with very short payback period.

We are a fast-growing vision company, with a head office in Penang, Malaysia, and a distribution network in Asia Pacific.

Major Divisions of ESTEK

ESTEK Solutions

ESTEK SOLUTIONS provide customer for one stop industrial material supply. ESTEK SOLUTIONS involve in Adhesive/Non -adhesive functional film, Chemical solutions, Test Probe and Socket solutions, rubber pick up tool and Thermal heat solutions.

ESTEK Automation

ESTEK AUTOMATION is an equipment maker for vision inspection system in the semiconductor and LED industry. ESTEK develops our own equipment/software: Test and pack Turret Machine, Wafer Partition Software, Wafer Inspection System (AOI), Wafer Macro Defect Inspection Machine and also has CMOS.

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