EWS 300

Microscopic Inspection System

With years of research and development, the EWS300 was developed based on the decade of experience in automation process resulting in the development of our state of art product, with the groundbreaking features that bring the product to a new level of simplicity, reliability and speed for automatic optical inspection solution.


Inspection Capabilities

Detecting wafer cosmetic defect, measurement, ink dot for wafer, probe mark & etc.

Recipe / Setup (On and Off-Line)

Automatic “golden die” image generation from production wafer.
Interactive graphical tools for various zone definition.
User-defined detection parameters per defects and zones.


Changeable with multiple lens, up to 0.35µm per pixel.


Up to 0.7µm.
Represents deviation between average of the distribution of results of repeated measurements of golden target and it certified value.


Up to 0.7µm at 3 sigma.
Represents 3 sigma deviation value of the distribution of results of repeated measurements of the same real component.

Minimum Defect Detection

Up to 1µm.

System Configuration
Factory Automation



Class 100/1000

Particles removal system

Hepa System

Output Data

Wafer Map, SPC Analysis Report, KLARF

Machine layout

L1620 x W2235 x H1950mm

Wafer Handling
Wafer ID

Reading capability: SEMI M12, M13, M1.15, T1.95
ECC200, T7 DtaMatrix, QR-Code
BC412, IBM412

Wafer Type

Wafer & Film Frame Wafer

Supported Wafer Size

6", 8" & 12"

Wafer Cassettes

Standard Cassettes: Entegris, Empak or Fluoroware (FOUP Optional)

Wafer Handling

Twin Arms Wafer Robot with Slot Sensor (Mapping)

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