EDS 15

Wafer to Wafer Die Sort

EDS15 is a fully automated and high speed die sorter. It can handle any wafer sizes up to 300mm and can reconstruct wafers to different output form factor.  

Key features of EDS-15 Die Sorter:

  • Handles wafer sizes up to 300mm
  • Machine throughput up to 20,000 UPH
  • Ability to handle die size of 04×02 mm or larger
  • SideWall Inspection capability with Estek proprietary special design lighting

EDS15 is used for wafer to wafer sorting application with turret pick and place mechanism. The Die Sorter EDS15 offers ultimate performance with versatility, flexibility and can handle the most challenging application for die sorting.




415V, 3 phase, 10A


80kPa @ 500L/min


20 ~ 30°C


18 - 70% RH Non-Condensing


6 Bar 200L/M

Vision Capabilities

Input Vision

Sidewall Vision Right

Top Vision

Sidewall Vision Top

Aligner Vision

Sidewall Vision Bottom

Bottom Vision

Output Vision

Sidewall Vision Left

Setup Vision

System Capability

UPH up to 10k
Number of Pick Up Head 24



Input Module

Up to 12"Wafer

Output Module

Up to 6"Wafer

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